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My Story



Tzoi Manousou, Fashion Designer & Luxury Brand Manager passionate about the world of design & innovation. After completing her Master studies in Milan, her experience in Europe helped her define herself as a fashion designer, as she found inspiration during her journeys and travels. 

The dream was to send an image of love & passion of originality with the world, hence the birth of Tzoi Manousou the brand. 

Tzoi's way of looking at lingerie began with a different perspective, changing the consumer's vision of a simple bra. She wanted the bra to be an accessory to their outfits. 

The creation of a lingerie line that is sophisticated, different and comfortable. Any woman who wants to experience such uniqueness, can purchase this new accessory in her wardrobe, and always style her bralette as part of her outfits. Proving that a woman can achieve sophistication and class even in her sexiest and most intimate garment. 

Tzoi believes that her bralettes are designed to be part of the outfit and not just as an undergarment, to inspire and empower any woman wearing them. 
This brand is designed for the woman who is not afraid to take risks, who is confident, daring, and is always ready for the next adventure.

Translating these bold yet feminine characteristics into her designs, she offers eco-conscious handmade lingerie wear, loungewear, and other home accessories, all produced in Lebanon with ♡ and care

Every bralette is produced in limited quantity, with the best quality fabric and designed uniquely for you!